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Yandere Simulator is a stealth game about stalking a boy and secretly eliminating any girl who has a crush on him, while maintaining the image of an innocent schoolgirl. This game is currently in development. A demo build is available here: Download Demo. Please keep in mind that the demo contains bugs, but is frequently receiving bug-fixing ...

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Yandere is a term used for a person who is initially loving and caring to someone they have a strong affection for until their romantic love, admiration, and devotion becomes feisty and mentally destructive in nature through either over-protectiveness, violence, brutality or all three combined. Yandere characters are mentally unstable ...

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Yandere is a portmanteau of two Japanese words.The first is yanderu, which means “to be sick,” and the second is deredere, used here for “lovestruck.”A yandere is often sweet, caring, and innocent before switching into someone who displays an extreme, often violent or psychotic, level of devotion to a love interest.

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Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a Japanese term for a person who is initially very loving and gentle to someone (or at least innocent) before their devotion becomes destructive in nature, often through violence and/or brutality. The term is derived from the words yanderu (病んでる) meaning a mental or emotional illness, and deredere (でれでれ) meaning to show affection. Yandere characters ...

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A person who will go to near-extreme to extreme lengths to be in or deepen a desired relationship, weather it be romantic, platonic, familial, etc.

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Yandere Simulator Download. Title: Yandere Simulator. Category: Role Playing, Romance. Developer: YandereDev. Download from Official ZIP / Yandere Launcher (Windows only) Yandere Simulator can be considered a stealth, action game, in development by YandereDev. The game is currently being developed in Unity, and is slowly being updated on a ...

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Yandere Simulator is a game about this crazy bitch named Ayano who is desperate for the sex. This game has been in development for six years, because of the fact that the gremlins are harrasing me and have hacked into my subreddit! Note: I am not responsible for any damages my code has caused to your CPU. Download Debug

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Kawaii pastel goth menhera yandere face mask with holographic knife and pocket for filter | Kitten Carousel. KittenCarousel. 5 out of 5 stars. (1,344) $16.00. Add to Favorites. More colors.

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Yandere characters are usually created in one of three ways: trauma, a split personality, or they were just born with it. With Mana we have a slight variation. She was completely normal, but then got infected with a virus that made her insane.